Hello! I’m Pritesh Chauhan

A (UI/UX) designer based in cloudy (London). My mission? arrow_forwardCrafting experiences that pack a punch, feel like second nature, and sprinkle in a pinch of pure delight!


With 15 years of experience as a multidisciplinary designer, I have a diverse background in crafting design and strategy for brands. Over the past 2 years, I have been working remotely, bringing my expertise to various projects.

Redefining Creative Excellence

Harnessing both my passion and skills, I specialize in the creation of digital products and experiences. Clients, entrust me with the design, implementation, and management of their digital products.

I collaborate with web agencies, companies, startups, and individuals, offering my expertise to develop a comprehensive blueprint for digital businesses.

The majority of my time is consumed by contemplating product ideas that I fervently desire to see come to life. Whether I'm strolling with my dog (champ), observing people's thoughts and actions, or constantly experimenting with new technology, I am consistently seeking innovative approaches to problem-solving.


  • UI Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • Design Systems
  • User-Research

Passion Projects

Fighting beyond,
the ring.

Exclusive content with the elite athletes in combat sports, behind the scenes fight coverage & exclusive fight features throughout the globe 🌍

Fightlore originated as a personal passion project during a stay in Thailand, driven by the desire to narrate the compelling tales of fighters and their struggles for survival, family, and aspirations. Over time, it has evolved into a movement dedicated to capturing fighters on film, exploring remote gyms, and engaging with trainers to understand their unwavering commitment to continue fighting against formidable odds. Looking ahead, the ultimate objective is to generate funds to support smaller gyms, offering fighters alternative paths in life beyond the ring.

“Pritesh is an excellent student, designer & problem solver. I was impressed with his thoroughness in every aspect of his work; he was inquisitive and yet independent and efficient at solving the problems before him like a true professional. His results & timeliness were what impressed me the most, I never once had to ask him twice for something that was due and he responded well to feedback & direction.”

Andrew Daniels
Head Of Design at FlutterFlow

“Pritesh is such a team player. He takes on every task or project presented to him like it was his own. His turn-around time is so quick and his quality of work is always top notch. Pritesh makes it very easy to communicate and he always smoothly implements changes. Whether it's building websites or creative content, Pritesh consistently delivers.”

Nagham Wehbe, MCM
Researcher & Strategist, Coach & Facilitator, Storyteller

“Pritesh has been a breath of fresh air to our new idea in merchandise and branding for DominickCruzMMA.com! He is creative and passionate about rolling things out in excellence, and supports us in ways that only a true loyal team player would do. His design of websites, shirt logos, photography layouts, and graphics (both pictures and video creations) for all our social media has made a POWERFUL impact in the marketplace. I highly recommend Pritesh Chauhan and look forward to all of our new upcoming product line developments!”

Suzette Howe
Certified Professional Integrative Life Coach, CPIC